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  2. Henry Sauca says:

    Hi Dele. I saw you perform at The Forge early in the year. I LOVE your music so…
    I just want to say hi, thank you for your beautiful music and vibes.
    Could you keep me on your mailing list so that I don’t miss any gigs in future?
    Big up Dele.
    C U soon…

    • delesosimi says:

      Its sure was Lisette Rinke de Wit. Looking forward to seeing a performance from the young Maestro so do keep me posted.
      I will let you know when my next performances in Holland are confirmed. 2

  3. Nick says:

    Hi Dele I was the guy who purchased 2 CDs down at mount pleasant eco park, you gave me a can of beer. I just want to reiterate, you and your band are the best thing I’ve heard. Your rythyms are contagious and the arrangement spellbounding. The vibe that you created was so beautiful and I thank you for that. Please let the rest of the band know how highly I think of them , so skillful. I can’t wait to see you again but I urge you to play the Tropical Pressure festival. Cheers

    • delesosimi says:

      Thank you very much Nick. See you soon with newer songs and a new Album hopefully before the end of 2018.

  4. PzDavyJess says:

    What a beautiful band you are! We were in the crowd at Eco Park Porthtowan – a fantastic night of the finest music! Everybody cookin! We very much hope to see you all again at Tropical Pressure 2018… LoveDxJx

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